1. “Two hours an twenty three minutes of staring straight up without blinking… It was totally worth it.”

  2. “Huh huh… look over there… boobs”
    “Heh heh… heheheheheheh… yeah… heh heh… boobs”
    “Huh huh huh… huh huh”

  3. EricLR

    Slick Willy knows that nothing draws in the women like his friend Jimmy “The Greaseball” Gianconti.

  4. Wasn’t he carrying a tennis racket a minute ago…

  5. Yep, saw Kate on the screen, still like em big. Good man.

  6. fred

    “I hear what you’re saying about Serena, but there is something primal about her. I’d still nail her. But, I’ve got an office in Harlem, so don’t ask me.”

  7. malaka

    apparently slick willie has been gettin some quality advice from ceasar millan regarding how to keep them bitches in check.

  8. Our first black President next to our first black Frankie Muniz.

  9. cc

    Buddy, pretend this beer is yours and I’ll pretend the Snapple is mine, ok?

  10. heey

    They spotted the boobs on the girl in the picture before this one. Outstanding.

  11. Did Clinton attend the U.S. Open with Monica Lewinsky?

  12. Never go full Dick Van Dyke.

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