1. How many months?

  2. kravdan

    Why is she carrying around that toilet seat?

  3. Melted Fist

    Who’s the lucky guy. Jack or Ozzy?

  4. I don’t know what marks this as a low end event most, the card tables and folding chairs, or that Kelly Osbourne is there.

    Also, when did she get pregnant?

  5. vandal

    Fat geeza.

  6. She’s getting chubby again, but she’s always had great tits.

  7. NOT attractive. except the boobs of course.

  8. Why is this pig at every fashion event and judges people’s fashion? She is fat, ugly with an ugly personality to boot, other than being Ozzy’s daughter, she is fucking useless.

  9. Cock Dr

    Seeing the bellybutton ain’t cool.

  10. crb

    Hold that bag up a little higher sweetie.

  11. ruckus

    She looks like an over-inflated sex doll.

  12. Thought she was supposed to be thin now/

  13. Thought she was supposed to be thin now?

  14. cc

    She’s posing for the Flaccid Penis collection.

  15. See, I think she looks okay, but then I tend to grade her on a curve.

  16. She’s mad out of circles.

  17. You know the body that dress is hiding can not be good when her belly button is actually larger than her mouth *shudder*

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