1. joe

    Now I know who’s Corey Feldman’s idol.

  2. and this is just a regular night out for Dave.

  3. kravdan

    Talentless douchebag, table for 1

  4. EricLR

    I wish he had dressed as the *dead* Beastie Boy instead.

  5. RocketInMyPocket

    Clearly, this is a mid-life crisis. And it looks to be a doozy!

  6. Someone looks like they are ready to fight… for their right… to 15% off at the early bird buffet.

  7. vandal

    42? Grow up you cunt!

  8. Be yourself ; everyone else is already taken

    Oscar Wilde

  9. @Montana it’s funny that you mentioned a buffet! I was at his birthday party earlier that night– he had it at Sizzler. Gangster theme. Dead serious. :-o

  10. Well, see, NOW I would like to hang out with him. I miss Sizzler.

  11. Yep, still looks and acts like an immature fuckstick.

  12. Well no WONDER Courtney Cox fell for him so hard!

  13. … and it’s Courtney Cox for the win.

  14. Cock Dr

    This is what taking sartorial quirkiness too far can do to a person.

  15. Vlad

    Costume party? Naw, this is my regular Saturday night outfit

  16. Christ, that means I’m older than David Fucking Arquette. Then again, he peaked and flamed out years ago, so there’s some solace.

  17. whatever

    He is all black except for his pale white skin.

  18. When did David Arquette join a Run DMC cover band?

  19. Redfooder

    Shouldn’t he be at the US Open with his gf?

  20. cc

    This was a theme party. It had to be.

  21. You know, David, Justin Timberlake is getting too old to pull off Justin Timberlake’s look. You don’t have a prayer.

  22. “Bellows? I thought you said Collins!”

  23. Birthday? Looks like he’s celebrating coming out.

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