1. It’s good to see that kids from all economic backgrounds love the same shitty 85 cent trinkets that my kids do.

  2. EricLR

    That little girl’s face says everything about what it must be like in that house.

  3. Anyone else weirded out by ogling?

  4. donkeylicks

    I’m all for letting one’s children express themselves but just to clarify boy on the left and girl on the right?

    • Trek Girl

      Viv, the girl, is holding Nemo. Knox, the boy, is holding the green thing.
      They are both wearing what boys and girls normally wear. The clothes are just casual. The only expression going on there is “I want to be comfortable”.

  5. Angie, tell your daughter that she’s too young to be duck-facing for the camera.

  6. Cock Dr

    Don’t know why that one kid looks so unhappy. I’d be overjoyed to be given a super cute clownfish toy.

  7. the extensive use of plastic surgery and media pushing on who is beautiful and handsome is uncovered when the children arrive. Britney’s children look cuter than what Im viewing here. You can take the man out of the trailer park but you cant take the trailer park out of the man (or his offspring).

  8. cc

    I have the green one in orange. I throw it at the neighbor’s cat to chase it home. Works like a charm.

  9. This reminds me that I haven’t watched the final scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind for quite a long time.

  10. heey

    Lost all respect for the Oscars since they recently announced this psycho chick is getting an honorary Oscar for being a poser and looking frail and turtured next to people who really are frail and tortured, then she’s done with her 15 minute photo-op visit and jets back to her life of luxury. She has done nothing but POSE. Oh well, the Oscars are all about acting anyway…. She gets an honorary award for being a good actress poser in the real world.

  11. Angie, for the love of gawd, fucking EAT SOMETHING!

  12. They better keep a tight grip on Angie, in case the wind picks up.

  13. Clearly, those 2 children carry the gene for excessively long unruly hair – a responsible parent would have forced them to undergo preemptive medical procedures to avert this tragedy, and had their heads cut off in their infancy.

  14. Sulky looking little urchins

  15. (sigh)…Fake nipples, and her wrists are actually smaller than her children’s.

  16. Mama Pinkus

    that gal really needs to eat ore

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