1. Now that’s a mother fuckin’ lapel.

  2. This is what can happen in Hollywood when you try to dress yourself

  3. Diddy looks dismayed that the wait staff isn’t dressed in long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties as he suggested.

  4. “Sssstt.. Dude, the suits were on the RIGHT. That’s just leftover material, man.”

  5. EricLR

    I knew if I just waited long enough, Amos and Andy would be back!

  6. The look on his face, you just no Diddy is thinking in his head, ” I know this nigga is not wearing a fucking leather skirt, is he?”

  7. “Oh shit, it’s Omar!” Diddy better watch out…

  8. The Pope

    When did Paula Deen get a clothing line?

  9. fred

    I don’t think that caption is right. They are actually walking into KarCon. The convention of black guys who nailed a Kardashian. It was last weekend in halls 1 through 14 of the L.A. Convention center.

  10. About ten seconds later, there was a sound like a cartoon mechanical watch failing, and then Diddy looked exactly the same as Williams.

  11. father dougal

    Run! Omar’s coming!

  12. heey

    ten minutes earlier Diddy realized his fashion mistake and made the other guy switch clothes with him, dude got PAID..

  13. “I stole these clothes from a skinny little blonde boy”

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