1. micheal


  2. The paparazzi guy was so much into checking out her ass, he forgot to take a picture of it… fucker.

  3. Dr. Phil

    wait…she has a 2.5 inch buttcheek?

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s just trying to figure out if it’s worth the jail time.

  5. Ass so nice even the paps have to stop in awe.

  6. fred

    Sir Sleepy wants to tap that white girl ass, Holmes.

  7. You had one job, Carl. One job!!

  8. yoop

    sometimes you have to take a moment out of your day just for yourself

  9. dufa

    Dios Mios!

  10. martina

    THAT is a very do-able ass

  11. whatever


  12. cc

    Medusa wishes she had Julianne Hough’s ass.

  13. He bought a camera just to stand by celebrity cars.

  14. That is one distracted pap.

  15. some black dude

    ‘That’s not an ass THIS is an ass” Said Crocodile Dundee to Nicki Minaj and CoCo.

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