1. Hey Now

    Um, when did I time travel to 1998?

  2. “Quick yall, take the pictur before I get fat again!”

  3. She’s a sexy Sagittarius from Gainesville. Gentlemen, put your hands together for…Mercedes!

  4. I’ve seen better-looking, more talented, more educated and more well-spoken strippers in backwoods topless bars in Alabama, yet she excels at gaining Taco Bell weight and losing it for 2 weeks every 6 months when she’s on a coke bender. Therefore, she deserves to be rich and famous.

  5. EricLR

    She’s not a woman, but not yet a hag.

  6. Josephus

    This picture of who?

  7. I wouldn’t get out of my way to not hit that.

  8. I would have thought she lived in a double-wide, but that’s totally a single.

  9. CptCreep

    Behind that curtain is an unsung hero holding taut 3 yards of loose skin.

  10. Hit that baby one more time!

  11. Is she taking her fashion tips from Courtney Stodden now?

  12. what’s with that lady lump!? & I don’t mean her boobs.

  13. Butt Plugger

    I’d like to bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states

  14. Matt

    Holy crap, excellent use of PhotoShop.

  15. Twitter caption: “I never feel more at home than at the trailer park!”

  16. Cock Dr

    The bikini needs to be smaller….tighter.

  17. c57bl6

    Because of the fact that her knees are bigger than her face in this pic, I assume there is some angle trickery afoot.

  18. i can tell she is in her MOBILE home.

  19. Vlad

    I never knew they had trailer wind tunnels that blew the fat behind a person to create this type of illusion

  20. I think she looks damn good for having had two kids and riding the mentally handicapped train. *cue shit storm*

  21. Britney: “This picture is pretty good , but there are two things I want photoshopped out.”
    Photographer:…and what would that be?”
    Britney: “My kids.”

  22. Motorboat Captain

    Bertney from the waist up, Bowie from the bulge down.

  23. I’m just surprised she isn’t wearing Ugg Boots.

    The stained ones.

    Think about it.

  24. Senor Trout

    Ed Powers was sent this photo and put it in his ‘Maybe’ pile.

  25. “What do you think? Tucked in or out?”

  26. navvet75

    57 states

  27. Plastic Police

    Looks like she’s hiding something…BRUTNEY – TURN AROUND AND SHOW US YOUR BALLS!

  28. What’s up with her left hand? It’s like a tentacle.

  29. Greenie

    If you listen, you can hear the song “Goodbye Horses” playing in the background.

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