1. That logo wall behind them looks like every junk email I got this morning.

  2. myyellowflameshedances

    These girls are only 23! When did they begin morphing into Lil Kim?

  3. Who? Sure. Why not.

  4. “A Night of Generosity Benefit” sounds like these two were free of charge that night.

  5. So, they are still doing whatever it is they do.

  6. I’ll take the both of them to go.

  7. so that’s what butt implants look like. meh.

  8. Bob

    The two most recent graduates of the “Coco Finishing School”.

  9. Cock Dr

    It’s incredible the things people will do to avoid getting a real job.

  10. stupid cunts ruined two perfectly hot bodies.

  11. Someone hit Coco so hard she split into 2 people?

  12. They should have sprinkled a little less Generosity Water on their asses and a little more on their faces.

  13. Long Legs Butt Licker

    Which is the slutty one?

  14. whatever

    Anna nicole double clones

  15. Just like the Superficial likes them, chunky and overrated.

  16. some black dude

    I had a dream like this once. except there were 6 of them

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