1. Doesn’t everything Mickey Rourke wears appear to be one size too small?

  2. She looks so cute when she’s all dressed up to go out on the town.

  3. “Why no children…Of course I’m not your daddy…I’m your new nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire!”

  4. EricLR

    Laugh at Mickey all you like, but you guys are going to feel really guilty about it when his legs finally disappear.

  5. Inner Retard

    In case your sister ever had a crush on him when younger but also stole your favorite CD… show her this picture.

  6. Which Golden Girl was this again?

  7. Turtle head poking.

  8. Oh, it’s Mickey Rourke. I thought someone had dug up Redd Foxx and put him in a comical pose.

  9. crb

    Audition for role of GrapeApe, ACED!

  10. Zip zop zoobity bop, you put the pudding in the pop!

  11. Wait – are those ADIDAS velour slippers??
    Pretty much makes up for the melted candle face and man-purse.

  12. Rabid1

    Joe Piscopo’s DeNiro still sucks.

  13. Is his head growing or is his body shrinking?

  14. His face looks like painted mashed potato.

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