1. guttboy

    I want to be part of this sandwich sooooo bad….

  2. EricLR

    Here’s the part where we pretend not to hate each other.

  3. Bum cheeks? Bum cheeks.

  4. Good Lord, I wish I was a billionaire so I could make this threesome happen, I don’t know how much I would spend, but it would make a significant dent in the national deficit.

  5. Let me just slide in the middle there.

  6. The Pope

    Note to self: Start a foundation named after myself. Invite Kate Beckinsale. Buy rope.

  7. crb

    Kate Beckinsale at whose foundation?

    Is that before or after the Gates, Hughes, Ford, Getty, RWJ, Hewlett, Getty, MacArthur, Pew, Mellon, Penn, Helmsley, Kresge, or Rockefeller? -I’m confused.

  8. Ken

    Several of my fantasies start just like this

  9. The picture is not level because it is hard to take pictures and jack off without a tripod.

  10. Kisssss….. c’mon…. kissssssss….

  11. I had them wrong at first sight and I thought “Holy shit, Beckinsale’s a friggin midget!!”

  12. “Is that a garbanzo bean in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

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