1. fred

    Built in knee pads are smart. He can go right to installing carpet after she dumps him.

  2. Inner Retard

    I have no idea who these people are and I don’t ca…. wait, is that underboob?

  3. Underboob is a fashion thing now? Man, normally I’m opposed to Affirmative Action, but giving straight guys a leg up in the fashion industry has been beneficial for everyone!

  4. That’s some great underboob.

  5. The Gerbler

    Mmmmmm. Creamy Ham and Bean!

  6. caeli

    she pretty

  7. Nabilla must mean “nuance” in Italian.

  8. “Silly purse thief! All he got was the lower half of my shirt!”

  9. sale pute nabila

    If no one knows who this slut is, well, good for you, there s nothing interesting about her, really ! she was a former prostitute that stole money, end up in jail, inflated her chest, landed in a french reality show and she wishes to be kim kardashian, except that nabila likes smaller dicks and still haven’t found any relevant person to make a sex tape with..

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