1. Mommy! He says he’ll stop hurting me if you wash his car.

  2. …posing with the one person excited to see Transformers 4

  3. EricLR

    My mommy says that you only put so many explosions in your movies to compensate for your small dick and lack of talent, but I think you’re just great!

  4. “Yeah… that’s not how you do the Vulcan death grip, dude…”

  5. A young Spock learns the Vulcan nerve pinch the hard way.

  6. If this was Woody Allen I might be concerned.

  7. ts

    Have Michael Bay and Michael Bolton been the same guy this whole time?!

  8. Bob

    Caught you! Can I get someone from FX over here to wire this kid up? We’re blowing him up in the second scene.

  9. blerg

    Watch out for the hole in the fence kid, the first time is always the hardest.

  10. Michael Bay, the ultimate Deceptive Con.

  11. “Don’t worry about springing this illegitimate child that you spawned from our one night stand on me right in the middle of me filming an action movie! Hey Billy! Have you seen a C-4 explosion close up?”

  12. Swearin

    All the cool directors wear hats of their own movies while on the set of their own movies.

  13. “Hey guys, you ever have that feeling like death is hanging over you with it’s cold, vise like grip resting on your shoulder?”

  14. Odbarc

    Hmm, this Vulcan nerve pinch isn’t working…

  15. john

    Oh wait, the Transformer franchise is still breathing………..and……….THIS SHOULD KILL IT!!!!!!!!!


  16. Michael Bay posing with the screenwriter of Transformers 4 on set in Chicago.

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