1. “Oh yeah I tell you somethin’…
    I think you’ll understand…
    When I say that somethin’…
    I want to hold your weiner!”

  2. Malcom X appears to be telling Russell to get the fuck off the stage.

  3. blerg

    That’s not how you make a fist…

  4. EricLR

    Somewhere, Skarsgard is laughing at him for having to try.

  5. I’m crushing your head!

  6. He is standing there, getting dick pinched, looking like he’s about to jizz in his pants, with a picture of Malcolm X on the same stage. Someone please tell me that somewhere in the Bible this is a mortal sin, and he’s going straight to Hades to be Satan’s new boy-toy.

  7. Little do they know he’s scanning the crowd for wheelchairs.

  8. crb

    Wow, cock-rock with even less talent than Foreigner.

    Somebody had a terrible mommy.

  9. ruckus

    Good Morning, Emily Ratajkowski, And Other News

    Woman Loses Hand To Bizarre Flesh Eating Virus. (TMZ)

  10. Who just lets someone pinch their dick?

  11. Adam

    Good to see that whole sex addiction thing is behind him.

  12. This is an asshole I could take home to meet my giant hulk of a cousin, Bruno Cartilage, who works for the boss down on the docks and who totally hates Englishmen. Unless they’re cooked properly.

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