1. When did Chuck turn into a ghost?

  2. rican

    “Why yes! This IS my 6 year old’s scarf!”

  3. EricLR

    Somehow she just sucked 10 years out of him.

  4. She’s so beautiful.

  5. “Eeew, he’s got career failure on his hands and he’s touching me!”

  6. New CelebriTideā„¢, for when you need to make your whites even whiter.

  7. ruckus

    “Did you ever see the movie Midnight Run?”

    “I already told you no.”

    ” Hah! This sure ‘Seems Like Old Times’, huh?”

    “Sigh… Does anyone want to change seats?”

  8. “This is so embarrassing… I accidentally blew Larry King in the men’s bathroom”
    “Hey, it’s our first date. It could happen to anyone, babe!”

  9. have to keep a close eye on old giles.
    he keeps going after petite blondes.

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