1. Nice photobomb, Bruce Willis.

  2. Oh yeah. That jacket proves that you only play a nerd on TV.

  3. blerg

    Where’s the beef?

  4. EricLR

    Businessman on bottom, Hair-metal fan from the 80′s up top!

  5. Yikes! You look better with your glasses ON, Liz Lemon.

  6. My plan is foolproof! If I keep on dressing up like a lesbian, Melissa’ll take me.back.

  7. Hey Johnny, the Gossip Girl reunion show is at least a decade away.

  8. Inner Retard

    See that red sign in the background. Even that is way cooler than him.

  9. He would definitely turn me into a lesbian

  10. I thought Sara Gilbert was the one who came out.

  11. crb

    Yes. This hair originally came with a chin-strap. I left it at home with my retainer.

    Don’t tell mom. She’s gonna be so pissed if I lose it, but I just wanted to be as free as a ballerina on an Autumn leaf in an October breeze today…

  12. What a badass!!!

  13. Nothing says hetero like that jacket, that hair, and the virginia slims you are smoking.

  14. You people can blather all you want. I love curly hair on guys.

  15. You could deconstruct all of that down to the individual sleeves and it still wouldn’t work.

  16. There’s nothing about his ensemble that makes sense without a drug habit. Denim jacket, leather sleeves, stupid belt and am outlaw Josie Wales cigarillo. Is it any wonder most of America finds show business repulsive? Here’s an idea, don’t go out of your way to dress like a hobo you moron.

  17. This guy looks like me was put together with some sort of a bizarro Mr. Potato Head set.

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