1. it had to be said

    Wait, which one eats the poop?

  2. “Two girls, no interest.”

  3. blerg

    I’ll bet 10 to 1 that Chris Hansen took that photo

  4. Brit

    That’s the in-room Jacuzzi bath at the Fairfield Inn, Grand Rapids, MI. Very classy.

  5. That soup looks delicious.

  6. carpaltunnel

    that’s a big bitch.

  7. She also uploaded it to Jalibait Gallery.

  8. Cream of Sum Yung Skank.

  9. Okay girls, lose the tops and your self esteem.

  10. You’re supposed to pose for pictures with less attractive female friends, not ones whose legs make yours look like Khloe stand-ins by comparison.

  11. EricLR

    Idiot soup.

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