1. Ireland Baldwin’s worst photo yet.

  2. I’m assuming these are three of the Housewives from somewhere.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    What the hell is Kelly Clarkson doing swimming up to her?

  4. “Gol’ Dang! It’s one of those Ocean Pigs! See if you can find a Chicken of the Sea now!”

  5. EricLR

    It’s good to see Jessica Simpson having fun.

  6. blerg

    This is gonna be vivid’s highest selling video yet.

  7. fred

    “Oh My God-Snooki! I didn’t know you were going to be down here!”

  8. So we’re bathing ham in brine are we?

  9. That pig is fake. Under it is a guy with an underwater camera who’s getting some sweet upskirt/cameltoe shots.

  10. OMG! “Bacon of the Sea” is REAL!

  11. “Kim Kardashian! What are you doing here?”

  12. richie

    Gretchen’s got a killer bod!!

  13. Is this the Chelsea Handler photo, or is it still to come?

  14. Inner Retard

    I bet that’s not the only one who’d like to pork around with those tits.

  15. She may be a god digging idiot, but damn she is hot.

  16. Why is Gretchen Rossi staring at that blonde babe’s tits?

  17. “Gretchen is overjoyed to be reunited with her mother…”

  18. crb

    Even Bill Maher has to take a vacation sometimes…

    -Wait, what the f**k am I saying? -Evil never takes a vacation.

  19. Charlotte’s Wet.

  20. Woone P. Tiggins

    “Who invited the Kardashian?”

  21. Babe’s Excellent WTF Adventure.

  22. malaka

    maybe slightly irrelevant, but this reminds me of that always sunny when they went to the jersey shore and danny devito had that rum ham

  23. “Oh my God Ireland you thoughtless little pig! Put on a bathing suit!”

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