1. EricLR


  2. blerg

    You don’t have to try so hard, just relax, it’ll come to you naturally.

  3. THIS.IS.PORT-O-POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is how one Spartan greets a fellow Spartan!

  5. No need to shout, Gerard, when you have 2 microphones in front of you.

  6. With one mighty snort, all the cocaine in the room vanished.

  7. When the interviewer asked Gerard Butler what was the last movie he saw, he was not surprised that it was a porno. More surprised when he started acting it out his favorite parts.

  8. What a guy.. even the Kardashians wouldn’t try the infamous double……

  9. NO!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe i missed this shit! &^^^^% me!

  10. THIS. IS. JAYDEN. SMIFF. FACE.!!!!!!!

  11. I bet if he shook his head back and forth, his lips would wobble more than Elizabeth Berkley’s vagina.

  12. PassingTrue

    “Tonight we sleep in HELL” or the Bronx, same difference.

  13. malaka

    usually there are more black microphone jokes, but i guess this is just a little too easy

  14. Me

    ” Asssssssss Hooooooooooole”

  15. [hannibal]Closserrrrrrr[/hannibal]

  16. “Seweeeeeeeeee, pig, pig, pig…and no sooner does it pass thru my lips, and here comes Rosie O’Donnell!”

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