1. “Honey, are you listening? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Are…”

  2. Spleen

    He’s thinking about dick.

  3. Bonky

    “So Kanye, we’re gonna eat ess car gots and croy sants and maybe some of that shamp pang knee and then we can go visit that guy, whats his name, the one that makes the three flavored ice cream, Neopoleon, oh doesn’t matter, I just love how everyone here talks French like they do in movies and….”

  4. EricLR

    “When are we going to the zoo, Kanye? Huh? Huh? Will it be soon? I like zoos. When are we going?”

  5. CK

    OOOH, maybe he’ll walk into another sign!

  6. Ohhhh, look Kanye. I’m still relevant.

  7. He’s dreaming of leather jogging pants.

  8. Inner Retard

    Kim: In this coat they can’t see my ass.
    Kanye: You bore me.

  9. “Only two more hours and I can be back with Ricardo, only two more hours with this bitch”

  10. donkeylicks

    And so I thought that if I started dressing like Johnny Depp… people will start to take me seriously.. as an actress.. what do you think?

  11. “Oh yeah? Well what are you, a gay fish?”

  12. Cock Dr

    It may feel like a strange waking nightmare to him right now but it’s real and we’re going to watch and laugh our asses off during every minute that the media farce continues.

  13. Is this the punchline to a sex with a sheep joke?

  14. anonymous

    Kanye’s vingar strokes. Kim must be describing her porn tape in detail to him again.

  15. Bob

    Take me to platform 9 3/4!! Please, please, please, please, please..

  16. blerg

    “’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.”

  17. Kim was safe in zombie Kanye’s embrace, because he only craved brains.

  18. Kato's Agent

    I thought it was Kato Kaelin with Kanye, but then I remembered the pic 2 slides back.

  19. See Kanye? Not everything you do is the most brilliant thing in the world.

  20. HazeofGlory

    Richie Sambora was always the cutest Bon Jovi. I’m glad he finally found a good guy.

  21. “What do I have to do to get this succubus to shut her fucking pie hole?”

  22. “Awwww man…. I have sex with ONE woman… ONCE and this is what I get”.

  23. “But…whats wrong with liking Fish Sticks?”

  24. Everyone calm down. It’s just a momentary takeover by a generation he’s the voice of.

  25. martina

    He’s thinking, “I could be doing Kendall or Kylie right now ….”
    or maybe it’s, “Damn, did I remember to finalize that pre-nupt ?”

  26. Has there ever been a couples photo where he looks remotely happy? I mean I’m about to be married, so I can sympathize, but even I smile sometimes.

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