1. Frank Burns

    Fashion show? I thought it was a motorboat convention.

  2. It seems the show is right here.

  3. In the background of every photo like this, there’s a bus that should be driving over Orlando Bloom.

  4. Inner Retard

    No one knew about Miranda’s secret identity. But when duty called she was always ready to jump into the nearest phone booth to change into her alter ego as a mild mannered sex toy.

  5. Looks like a mannequin.

  6. Kodos

    Proud of those, aren’t you?

    Miranda, we thank you.

  7. Just when I thought I could not find more ways to love this woman, bam, she proves me wrong.

  8. MD2020

    Clark Kent would go into a phone booth to open up his shirt, and he usually had another uniform underneath.

    Miranda improves on both points.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    Holy shit… she just turned a billboard into a lesbian.

  10. The Pope

    It was at this moment that she evolved from being simply Miranda Kerr, into Miranda-Fucking-Kerr!

  11. poop

    am i the only one put off by how waxy they look? they seriously look like a prop

  12. Swearin

    For once, I finally understand fashion

  13. Rabid1

    Woman Behind: I can’t believe she wore that crap!
    Paparazzi behind and to the side: I Got Titties!

  14. My God… that mannequin just came to life!

  15. “Bless you, Miranda. Bless you…”

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