1. Chinto

    All I want is a decent pair of pants!

  2. Venom

    On her way to or from her latest john?

  3. DeucePickle

    Underwear ? Where we’re going, we don’t need underwear.

    But we will need legs. Bring legs.

  4. Cock Dr

    I wish this gal would make a sex tape.
    She looks as if she has natural talent.

  5. squishy

    Is it me or does she have absolutely no thigh muscles?

  6. Whoops. I think she accidentally put on a seat cover.

  7. lori

    Another stupid center part and too long hair.

  8. I heard women w/ big feet have hairless pussies.if that myth is true then this bitch must have the smoothest snatch ever.

  9. cc

    That ‘Sclade needs a good buff and wax…and so does she.

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