1. dontkillthemessenger

    The problem with face lifts are that the ears end up… where the hell are her ears?

  2. Cock Dr

    You know she can bench press more than douchebag husband.

  3. RHawk

    It looks like nature has finally kicked her in the ass.

  4. Oh god, the crow’s foot on my left eye looks like a melted piece of plastic again, what’s my welder’s number? He needs to smooth it out again.

  5. Saggy, baggy, armpits…..

  6. I didn’t realize that unconvincing transvestites were welcome at the Power of Women luncheon. Well, I suppose someone has to make the sandwiches.

  7. How great would it have been if Charlie Sheen had showed up and pushed her in front of a moving vehicle?

  8. Mwaddams

    That face says “I’m trying real hard to smile, but it’s not working”

  9. lori

    Time to lose the center part and long hair. Why do middle-aged women insist on dragging this outdated look on for years past its time? It never was a good look to begin with.

    • Pio

      It reminds them of when they were young in the 70s. They have no idea of how dated this makes them look, and she also needs to ditch the tan. She’s could be much better looking with pale, whiter than white skin.

  10. Swearin

    The camera guy just told her he has a picture of Ashton banging a girl without her

  11. Venom

    I would still bang her a 1000 times over her daughters.

  12. Hay look it’s Demi Cox

  13. cc

    She can easily out armwrestle her husband.

  14. The Brown Streak

    You know, for being 125 years old, she still looks decent.

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