1. Fattie

    I kid! I kid!!!

  2. All those “hypothetical” scenarios of big breasted women falling over have finally been proven…

  3. hijkmno

    do these chunkers not own mirrors? do they think they’re so above it all that it doesn’t matter that they have tree trunks for legs? if they were real artists, i would get it, but they’ve based their entire career on how they look so what changed?

    i don’t know about anybody else, but after seeing this, i’m gonna hit a 2nd boot camp session tonight.

    • Alpha Female

      “if they were real artists, i would get it, but they’ve based their entire career on how they look so what changed?”

      This. a million times.

    • vandinz

      You’re kidding right? There’s nothing wrong with them pins, better than a skinny fucker with legs that look like they’re about to snap. I would rip her fuckin’ back right out.

  4. Fish, she’s always been fat.You’ve been blinded by the cleave.

  5. Kind of looks like Kelly Clarkson…. except for in the boobs.

  6. Joe

    I didn’t know Beth Ditto was back on tour.

  7. Tainted goods now that the Mayer has wrecked it.

  8. She IS a woman of many (two) talents!

  9. Johnny P!

    She can’t sing worth shit, she’s autotuned to the extreme on
    her recordings, she lip-synchs in concert, she has nothing
    intelligent or wise or witty to say, she has fucking horrible taste in
    men, BUT…. she’s got great tits.
    I guess that’s what sells records these days…

  10. I appreciate her efforts to put her tits next to her muff so I can ogle both with minimal eye movement. Kudos, Katie Perry. Kudos.

  11. Josie

    someone’s getting chunky…

  12. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Way to show of your talents Avril Lavigne 2.0

  13. Call me when her tits fall out of her dress.

  14. That’s why we put super glue on the bottom of her shoes.

  15. Stewie Griffin

    Those legs are a teenage nightmare!

  16. lily

    fat sausage legs

  17. lawn


  18. vandinz

    lol seriously how can anyone say she’s fat!? Like you’d fuckin’ turn her away if she offered it. She looks fit. FIT!

  19. “……just tip me over and pour me out!”

  20. yenjvoy

    she’s bending over and i can still see her camel toe….kinda. I like. A girl’s gotta be built to be able to take some pounding. Thin girls break.

  21. bill

    geez. even with a few extra pounds she is better than a lot of women out there. People here are so picky they must all be with supermodels.

  22. Jerry Jones

    Now that is one stout frame – loogit dem trunks – got the bending over part down…all that’s left is learning how to long-snap a football

  23. Asiah

    She’s fit! And I would love to see the people who say otherwise: he who has not sinned shall cast the first stone.

  24. Jaysun Dar

    How fitting since she definitely Singapore

  25. She looks like a waitress at a Hooters knock off joint called Juggers.

  26. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    But… this looks like any drunk girl in Jersey on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

  27. Ok

    She’s always had solid legs, don’t understand why everyone’s suddenly realizing now

  28. God damn I would love to wreck that, I want those thighs tightly wrapped around my head

  29. She may look like she’s horking up a microphone after a long night of Cotton Candy Cocktails, and she may be in an outfit that was tailored to say “there’s a reason I usually wear knee-length skirts and heels”, but she still has her ballet fingers on. You gotta give her the ballet fingers.

  30. PZ

    I would go a few laps around the circuit with her, if you catch my drift. And spray my champagne all over her.

  31. InkyBlack

    Uh Oh! I was afraid this was going to happen.

    What we are starting to witness is known as the “Kardashian Effect”.
    If left unchecked, victims slide toward a body shape similar to that of patent zero, Kim Kardashian. Other symptoms include appalling taste in both men and clothing.

    Here, Katy has advanced to stage two, stage one being marring a twat. As for her clothing, draw your own conclusions.

    But this is spreading people, have you not seen what’s happening to poor Mila Kunis?

    Something *HAS* to be done before all the beauty is sucked from the world, only to be replaced with morbidly obese backsides.

    Rise up and destroy patent zero!
    Raise her tacky shops to the ground!
    Remove her family from the gene pool, lest they pollute it further!
    (It’s the only way to be sure)

  32. Put It In

    People actually pay to see this turd perform?

  33. rican

    It’s the Michelin Man in Black

  34. tlmck

    “Do you like my singing now?”

  35. Novo

    Fat ho

  36. Heywood

    You guys all need to cut the crap. Anyone of you virgins would take her down to poundtown if she asked you to… Assuming you don’t pull a Jim for from American Pie and scorch your shorts.

  37. DumpingTheSuper

    Enough with the fat celebrities…PLEASE!

  38. Alpha Female

    That outfit is sooo 2003…

  39. Elle

    I didn’t know Patti Stanger had launched her singing carrier….Congrats!

  40. Sausage Muhammed

    I think katy is attractive and I’d definitely hit it if it weren’t for the fact that she let Russell Brand and John Mayer up in it. That damages those goods pretty badly.

  41. boozybeezy

    i have poop that is more talented and cuter than katy !!!!

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