1. Deacon Jones

    “No Zach, I said give me *a hand*.”

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Thought this was Tom Cruise from the thumbnail. Turns out, I’m not that far off.

  3. The split-second Surpreiz Butsecks facial expression immediately preceding the broadest most luminous smile.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “OMG! I was NOT staring at John Hamm’s penis!”

  5. Tidbit

    I’d say the standard “invisible penis”, but I’m sure there’s an incoming one just out of frame.

  6. Johnny P!

    Too easy.

  7. Mohawk Disco

    WHAT! Top Gun 2 will have a volleyball scene and they didn’t ask me to audition?!

  8. homosapiens

    faces of bath salts

  9. Gabe Kaplan

    (whispering)”Zach! Look to your right, Its ‘Kenneth from 30 Rock!”

  10. .

    “OMG! He’s mine beotch!’

  11. journalschism

    “A little more to the left, dude. A little more the…Gaaaaaa.”

  12. Put It In

    He has a cramp

  13. tlmck

    Getting a spit handie on the red carpet.

  14. juliette

    I could spot those cheekbones from a mile away… that’s Benedict Cumberbatch opposite Quinto. A yummy Q-Cumber sandwich, if you will.

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