1. dontkillthemessenger

    How do you fix a bite mark in your laptop screen?

  2. Deacon Jones

    I would literally cut a hole in that and just throw her over a couch.

  3. BigOkie

    Take note Kim Kardashian… your ass must be no bigger than this in order to wear leather pants.

  4. The Pope

    The photographers wisely told Maria to pose between the logos for anal sex.

  5. Sheppy

    There are so many words that could be said about Maria, but in the end they can all be encompassed in just two.

    Dat ass.

  6. lily

    i LOVEEEE Maria. Perfect body and beautiful face!

  7. I heart Maria Menounous.

  8. Vlad


  9. I’ll bet if you pulled down her pants and looked real close, you’d find a little tattoo that says, “George Clooney was here.”

  10. Ronaldo

    Sweet God!!!! Wow. Its a pleasure just to look at it.

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