1. EricLr

    It’s the sequel we’ve all anxiously not been waiting for.

  2. Somewhere Hamm is laughing his ass off.

    • Guest

      This picture actually doesn’t do him justice, honestly. He must be wearing something tight underneath. Also, look at the other pictures from the same set. Also, you must not have seen his Calvin Klein underwear ads. If you had you would know that there’s obviously under that green suit holding him in.

      • Princess

        You are right, this picture doesn’t do justice. He’s actually had a rep of being very blessed in that area (lol). It’s the way the costume is stretched over the very top surface of his ………, it’s making him look much smaller than he really is. Other pics/films I’ve seen in the past show him MUCH more endowed, actually pretty above average size.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Has anyone seen my hot dog? *looks at crotch* How the hell?”

  4. IT’S COLD YOU GUYS!!! (sobs in the corner)

  5. unhuh

    just not the same as john ham

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    That’s too bad.

  7. Anthony

    Zooming does nothing

  8. “Anybody want the last Vienna Sausage?”

  9. Matt

    John Hamm didn’t win an Emmy last night, but I guess there are worse things that could happen.

  10. You’re in Canada, man. I know our dollar is high right now, but throw a roll of loonies in there, not dimes.

  11. Nice juice box. Goes nicely with your toddler junk.

  12. Hey Aaron…John Hamm called and said “HA-ha! like Nelson. He said you’d know what he meant”

  13. Forget it kid, Eddie Murphy did Gumby way better than you can ever hope to

  14. Is that a nose with whiskers down there???

  15. tlmck

    His crotch looks like some guy whistling.

  16. Urvag

    Saying hello to your little friend.

  17. ^#&@%!

    Aw, shazbut!

  18. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I love the irony of his last name.

  19. Galaor

    “Ok, yes, I married my mom, so what?”

  20. Anderson Pooper

    Has anyone seen my Chap Stick?

  21. John’s Hamm vs Aaron’s Johnson. Winner takes on Micheal’s Assbender.

  22. Welcome to the exclusive screening of “The Son of Mork and Mindy.:

  23. Guest

    Picture actually doesn’t do him justice, he must be wearing something underneath. Look at the other pictures from the same set. Also, you must not have seen his Calvin Klein ads.

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