1. Deacon Jones

    oh HELL YAY!

  2. Mr. Poop

    looks like a watery ass

  3. jimbo

    now that is something i could get behind

  4. meeps!

    Now it makes a little more sense…

  5. ” *gasp* With a mirror, you can get tits and ass in the same shot! Why didn’t I think of this? KIM!! Get in here!… From now on, you pose in front of a mirror in all your photographs, got it?” – Kris Jenner

  6. Anderson Pooper

    She has a little patch of back hair where the tramp stamp is supposed to be. Check it out.

  7. Mr. Gay man hear me out. I’ll support your right to whatever you want and you just take your sweat time on that hair. No hurry at all.

  8. budgeco

    @ liam, she does too! Weird!

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