1. Deacon Jones

    Oh yeah….where’s those fat fucking Italian designers on the yachts?

    Let’s see you pull this, then I’ll give you some props!

  2. BigOkie

    Chick at bottom left… If you ever decide you need a day off, let me know, I’ll fill in for ya.

  3. well, I see “stocking tugger” position is filled, so I’d like to volunteer my expertise in asscrack tucking…assuming that’s not Baldy McSaggypocket’s job.

  4. Next week on “Scientology Wife School”: “They ARE surprisingly close together, Mr. Cruise. I can see how that can be confusing. How about I put some labels here?”

  5. cc

    A behind like that can make up for any perceived shortcomings anywhere else. Great asses have magical powers.

  6. “Hey, Girlie. Get the fuck out of my way. That’s MAN’S work!”

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