1. EricLR

    Pretty bold move, auditioning for the part of Trayvon Martin. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

  2. Slappy Magoo

    Casting: Impossible Ghost Career Protocol

  3. Christian Bale will be interviewing for the Wells Fargo Teller job wearing those exact clothes in a few years.

  4. When did he become the offensive coordinator for the Patriots?

  5. “I see working people.”

  6. Capn Obvious

    Wow…seriously…these are the comments? How clever.

    He looks fucking AWESOME. Last time I saw you bud, you were the size of a fucking house. Fantastic job! Unless of course you have Stage 4 something or other…and then, well, sorry.

  7. “Time to say goodbye to the deed for my house…”

  8. Too bad for Val Kilmer, but the teller insisted his note said ‘I have a gub’ and refused to hand any money over.

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