1. Josephus

    I would hit it. With a truck, but still.

  2. How does someone with an ass like hers show up wearing that? Mirrors motherfucker! Do you speak it??

  3. She’s looking less tree trunkish.

  4. Even nine inch heels don’t give her a semblance of a nice ass.

  5. MeanMrsMustard

    a little late to the GaGa band wagon are we?

  6. j/k

    First she stole Lady Gaga’s schick, now she’s got Miley’s ass!

  7. Cock Dr

    We’ve all seen her looking a whole lot worse than this.

  8. Definitely not the worst she’s ever looked.

  9. John Mayonaise

    When did it become okay to not wear pants?

  10. I’d get in that flat ass.

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