1. Smapdi

    He’s all set to star in the E! Network movie “The Rob Kardashian Story”.

  2. If he sucks in that gut any more, he’ll turn blue.

  3. EricLR

    “I kid you not. He stopped the car in the middle of the street. Got out. Ran over to us…And spent a full fucking hour telling us about what it was like to work with Martin Scorsese.”

  4. Cuddles

    Eight months ago, Bob’s testicles were removed. Then hormone therapy. He developed bitch tits because his testosterone was too high and his body upped the estrogen. And that was where I fit….

  5. Icehawg

    We can’t see it, but I’d wager the back-seat of that car is just covered in dropped names.

  6. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    You’d think with all the great cinematographers he’s worked with he’d have help getting a better photo for his personal ad.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    When Jonah Hill starts looking like Chaz Bono, it’s time for an intervention.

  8. Someone should tell Jonah you dont wear exercise shirts when you’re a man with breasts.

  9. Back to back photos of Khloe.

  10. The Pope

    He just stole that car and a bunch of money from his dad’s bank account, after slipping him a mickey.

  11. Capn Obvious

    Such a nice tattoo.

    Not really. That was sarcasm.

  12. Torpedo smuggler.

  13. Swearin

    He does know the Nike slogan “Just Do It” refers to exercise, right?

  14. LLBL

    Pork. There is on substitute.

  15. If you ever wondered if you were a douche or why people thought you were a douche if you owned a Porsche, then look no further than this photo.

  16. crb

    :: foghorn sound::

    Low bridge.

  17. Is this the kid from GTAV?

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