1. EricLR

    When he gets some more money, he’s going to have lipo on the other half.

  2. BP


  3. I’d say in 10 years he’ll look back on his photos wearing skinny jeans and feel foolish, but let’s be honest…he’ll be long dead.

  4. That Princess Bride remake is going to be awful.

  5. Someone forgot to inform him that skinny jeans are for gays and women. Real men wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them.

  6. Capn Obvious

    Jesus…his face is beyond fucked up. Was that a drive-thru plastic surgery center?

    Men getting face work. Beyond fucking pathetic.

  7. you young’ns need to rent 9 and 1/2 Weeks to truly appreciate how epically sad these days are for Mickey Rourke

  8. When Miley looked into the crystal ball, she immediately regretted her request to see herself five years in the future.

  9. Right about the time he first fucked his face up with plastic surgery, he was fucking sexy. The guy was hot. I mean…he was a man’s man.

    I’m not gay.

    That is all.

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