1. EricLR

    Jeez, someone please tell that poor girl that you can’t get pregnant from swallowing, before she has a fucking heart attack!

  2. Dom Perinyawn

    Mattress cover dresses are all the rage.

  3. Leah, sorry sweetie but you have something to sag for you to hold up…

  4. Sad because she got kicked off The Milky Road.

  5. You’re not Lindsay Lohan, your tits are higher.

  6. “I’m soooo hungry…”

  7. The Pope

    “Does this dress make my nose look fat?”

  8. Capn Obvious


    That is all.

  9. Dave

    LOL the background is clearly set in San Bernardino. Run down broke city. She has that face because she can’t wait to get back to LA.

  10. I’m so tired of this teen mom shit.

  11. martina

    “photo shoot in San Bernardino’, tells you all you need to know

  12. crb

    “And then,.. and then I; -I pooted so hard. … -That’s when he died! I want my Mom!”

  13. “That dump I just took was so colossal, it deserves an extended Emmy’s tribute!” Too soon?

  14. Bet you guys didn’t know that i could post comments here on The Superficial all the way from China with my MIND…did you?

    While looking pretty…oh so pretty…..

  15. If she can’t find them by feel, how am I supposed to find them by looking?

  16. blerg

    I think that egg salad is bad


  18. How much semen was she able to swallow before she started feeling queasy?

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