1. bagmotherfucker

    im praying in the next shot she smashes that monstrosity against the table

  2. I'mCool

    It’s not such a bold move when you realize he can’t reach across the table to slap her.

  3. Dom Perinyawn

    “Dear Cracker … “

  4. George Nitales

    “Look, is a black Beluga….!!

  5. Slappy Magoo

    Cee Lo Green meets the ghostwriter of the Paula Deen Book of Social Etiquette.

  6. Tan Mom was amazed at such a rich, dark skin tone, and could not resist a slow fondle.

  7. Ted Danson

    One looks down in secret, and sees many things. You want to know what I saw? A servant pretending to be a King

  8. Who wouldn’t rub black Buddha?

  9. Paula Deen’s sister very much enjoyed meeting “one a them humperdink colored singer midgets” while on her trip away from God’s country aka Georgia.

  10. “You’re right…is really IS as soft as my husband’s ass!”

  11. “Sorry ma’am that’s my head not a bowling ball”

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