1. Hugh G. Rection

    Leia: I’d just as soon kiss a wookie.
    Han: I can arrange that.

  2. BeastMaster

    In her mind this is the sexiest thing ever.

    In mine, there are parts of my brain trying to detach itself – sent by my terrified penis – to fill in my eyes as a reactive process to prevent me ever seeing anything like this ever again.

  3. Pretty novel idea to have bumper cars at the festival.

  4. lameasscomments

    BeastMaster you sound queer and no, I don’t mean gay, I mean queer as in weird. Either that or a contrived idiot, you choose.

  5. CK

    always a stupid pose. she would’ve looked a whole lot better standing straight up face forward and just smiling.

  6. lawn

    This makes it clear that the giant asses come from her mom’s side.

  7. Out trolling for a new black dude I see.

  8. ruckus

    Seen here helping her sister Kim sneak into the show.

  9. crb

    ::foghorn sound::

    Low bridge.

  10. Kort is actually hiding back there to avoid another costly entrance fee.

  11. thanks cunt. Now i have herpes.

  12. is she not ashamed of her deformity? When she takes a dump, does the turd even make it out of her ass cheeks? How did she wax her body so convincingly that you never suspect her Yeti genes?

    All questions that inquiring minds want to know.

  13. And people still refuse to admit Bigfoot exists.

  14. (Oakland face with an Oakland booty.)

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