1. um ok

    “oooooooooh spank my ass again!”

  2. it had to be said

    Someone has been naughty . . .

  3. Well, I guess hanging out with Tom Cruise was bound to rub off…

  4. “Ewwww…are farts supposed to be runny?”

  5. Warren Piece

    “You mean this flap here on the back of my jeans? I had that sewn in so I can feel these leather seats… made from fine Corinthian man crotch.”

  6. Dick

    He looks like a washed up Zuckerberg.

  7. Looks like somebody is pleased with his self-induced titty twister.

  8. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    This was taken during the brief period of time when he was preparing to play the role of “wonkeye”.

  9. Perplexity

    Oooh. Cute valet! More like Val – laid!

  10. Colin

    “Tee-hee, you can’t catch me Chris Evans!”

  11. Johnny P!

    One of the rare A-and-B listers who’s camera-genic (as in films), but NOT photogenic.

  12. Aud

    Who knew zombies could be effeminate…that would make a good movie (note to self)

  13. Billbo

    Barry Manilow is keeping his age well.

  14. cc

    Now that whole ‘There goes college soccah!’ scene has been ruined for me.

  15. Lolli-Pop

    “Oh Baby Jesus no, Jennifer, we can’t play wax the willie cause I am gay! Gay, gay, gay! As gay as a three dollar bill and a Bette Midler special.” Acting skills come in handy in these kind of close calls.

  16. edamame


  17. UncleDenial

    He’s dealing with a bout of “T-Rex arm syndrome”.

  18. cc

    He’s saying ‘tee hee’, you know that right?

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