1. huh...

    he looks like a bobblehead.

  2. Apparently he was going commando and had to adjust, as evidenced by the look on the guy behind him…

  3. TomFrank

    England. Where they drive on the left side of the street and every picture like this always features a white guy saying it all with his eyes.

  4. Buddy the Elf

    It looks like Charlie Chaplin back there has a boner.

  5. Clearly someone likes his African-Englishmen hanging left…

  6. No, Kanye, the English don’t want to take pictures of your “wee wee” either.

  7. Perplexity

    Duckie approves of the the Kanye tuck-through method. Yes, he does…

  8. Colin

    Why is prince staring at his ass? Were the jeans ripped back there, too?

  9. colleen

    the guy in the background is thinking: “Kanye is a gay fish? well i love me some sushi, bend over brother”

  10. bethy

    I’m only one accessory away from looking like the what behind me?

  11. Lolli-Pop

    Eyebrows behind him experienced the Kanye High Club

  12. I guess the beatnik hipster just saw the sun shining out of Kanye’s ass…

  13. edamame

    I wonder if he made those bracelets at VBS. (vacation bitch school)

  14. Manowl

    In every photo there is a gay mad hatter saying it all with his eyes (and pursed lips)

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