1. Alex

    That ladies and gentlemen, is the look of “what in the name of maple fuck have I gotten myself into”

  2. “Justin… They found the strap-on! What do I do????”

  3. “Why does this guy want to strip search me?”

  4. Perplexity

    Quit telling me your name is Geeky Buttcheeky – you’re weirding me out.

  5. Venom

    “Help me”

  6. Swearin

    Please tell me she was fucking Usher and he just found out

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Hillary Swank is holding her at gunpoint?

  8. “I know you hooked up with that Whale. Don’t even talk to me.”

  9. Rough? Not for sale!

    Ahhh yes! “Love is when you never have to say you’re creepy”

  10. j/k

    Bitch! You think I got my Chris Brown glasses on for nothing?

  11. De Gaulle

    Bitch got such a heeeeeeeeeeeeed

  12. Johnny P!

    Selena: “For the hundredth time, the only time you’ll see my ‘pink taco’ is if I get a ring!”
    Justin: “Damn! Looks like the only beaver I’ll see for a while is STILL the one on the back of a Canadian nickel!”

  13. “Hey Biebs…umm, what did Michael Jackson look like again? “

  14. .

    Want to fuck her mexican ass so bad. FUCKING WHORE!

  15. vlad

    Will I be able to see my baby in this scanner?

  16. Lolli-Pop

    She cries because the LAX security officials refuse to let Selena and Justin walk without an escort. Its not allowed for those under twelve.

  17. KC

    Why does this woman in the glasses keep staring at me!!

  18. cc

    Did you say ‘What’s that on my sweater’?

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