1. “OK, I’m warmed up. You can start the game.”

  2. It all makes sense now. He lost weight because apparently the gay club is selective… This is just a not-so-subtle message of what kind of member he wants to be…

  3. Mooty

    that catcher is gonna get hit with a 90 MPH load of underarm skin.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Let’s hear it for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

  5. You just know that ball thudded into the ground about three feet from where he’s standing.

  6. To say he throws like a girl is an insult to girls.

  7. The Pope

    Chaz Bono still throws like a girl.

  8. He throws like a girl…with cancer.

  9. SSHGuru

    There is no way he can be as funny this skinny…

  10. Cock Dr

    OMG – what’s wrong with that poor man?

  11. Venom

    You have to love this asshole.
    He is fat as a whale and then all of a sudden is super skinny, but thinks we are fucking stupid enough to believe he lost it by working out and dieting and not by lipo and a gastric bypass.

  12. This is the only time “Jonah Hill” and “Athletics” has ever been used in the same sentence.

  13. dontkillthemessenger

    I’ve seen one arm kids in wheelchairs who looked more comfortable throwing a ball than White Al Roker.

  14. Rough? Not for sale!

    Dare you to find Pierce Brosnan in that stadium.

  15. Bonky

    For those of you who have never been through it, this is standard for anyone who decides to lose a lot of weight. You go from really fat to really skinny and then at some point you either fail and go back to fat or find some zone you can live with.

    He will NOT keep this weight, he will either go back up until he is comfortable or will totally screw it up and go back to being a pig.

  16. Look at that horrible form… embarassing. At least if he were still fat he’d have an excuse for sucking at sports.

  17. Buddy the Elf

    He looks pretty manly and athletic.

  18. g-moonie

    Was nothing learned from the Subway debacle? Jared was WAY funnier when he was a fat fuck.

  19. Johnny P!

    He’s got to get the wattles lipo’d and get rid of the “Father Knows Best”
    haircut. Otherwise, he just looks like a bobble-head.

  20. Doctor Joystick

    It warms my heart to see the Make-A-Wish Foundation let Jonah live out his dreams during his chemo.

  21. o

    Sorry, but neither this asshat or Seth Rogen are funny. It just goes to show the dearth of talent in Hollywood these days and the mindless consumers of this generation who think they’re worth a shit.

  22. Aud

    Who gave Tom Sizemore a time machine?


  24. First time an error has been recorded prior to the start of the game.

  25. cc

    By the time the ball got to home plate, the pitcher had to warm up again.

  26. The Brown Streak

    Give the kid some credit…Samantha Ronson has a great arm.

  27. Lolli-Pop

    I mean, the fat is kind of fate for him. He shouldn’t fight it. His name is Jonah for a reason.

  28. chainsawbuzzkill

    He throws like an Obama.

  29. Gir

    McLovin really put on a few…

  30. tlmck

    It’s nice what they do for “special needs” children.

  31. ntlj

    It reads “Special” on the back of the shirt.

  32. Charles

    Skinny? Well, i guess it only counts if you’ve lost all the fat in your arms. But its great to know that you can still be known as skinny while having a fat face and be praised for doing half the job.

  33. me

    I thought that was the kid from The Christmas Story!!! lol…. oops!

  34. sharon

    amazing!! is it diet? exercise? cuse he only lost like 600 pounds?

    oh yeah, it’s surgery. Meh.

  35. hinty

    Gotta lose the weight before you can put on the muscle. The two processes take different sorts of workouts. Oh, and by the way, very few people — including almost all the a-holes making smart-ass comments above and elsewhere — would have the discipline to do what Hill has done.

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