1. Jon Hamm's Cock

    It’s smaller than his Hyperion Bay residuals.

  2. Ghost

    well, not everyone can be as genetically gifted as john hamm

  3. Just how cold was the water?!

  4. Well, in his defense, the water is cold and he’s got a tight suit on.

  5. His lady parts are showing.

  6. InkyBlack

    Camel Toe!

  7. cc

    Sorry little fella, but you are in for a nasty surprise.

  8. SugarTits

    Pierce Brosnan did it better.

  9. me

    we want you in the USA army!

  10. someone queue up that sad slide-whistle sound effect.

  11. Animal

    With that package, I hope Helen is satisfied.

  12. your mom

    “SHRINKAGE!! Ask Jerry! It’s just shrinkage!!”

  13. tlmck

    Did not know you could get a pokie down there.

  14. meeps!

    That is one monster herp on that little lady…

  15. Sho enuff

    I’d still do him. I’ve crushed on his sweet ass since elementary school :)

  16. I figured it was the one nut that didn’t make it back in after the polar bear swim.

  17. LordInvader

    Henceforth know as Zack Turtle.

  18. Frank The Duck

    “Gosh I am so disappointed that my 3 hour marathon time was so much more than Paul Ryan’s…”

  19. kimmykimkim

    We’re sad about it too, Zach. We really are.

  20. chikaty

    welp, there goes my crush on zack morris after all these years

  21. It’s a penis button.

  22. No wonder his time is so good. He forgot the bicycle stage.

  23. This is why Kelly Kapowski left him. I mean, Slater had elastic on the BOTTOM of his jeans. He had to’ve been hung like a horse.

  24. downwithmuffins

    nice crotch nipple weirdo.

  25. Schweddy Schnatch

    WOW! KD Lang’s clit is huge!!!

  26. Crissy

    “I know, I know, I’m not John Hamm!”

  27. Meredith

    It’s like he’s smuggling in a little Hershey Kiss for a snack!

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