1. Deacon Jones

    Man, even her cheeseball husband has been cutting back on his firearms purchases. They MUST be bankrupt.

  2. Eyes in the front…meant to hunt.

    Eyes on the side…meant to hide.

    Please hide.

  3. fuckface

    They are just doing amazing things trying to break the New Jersey Italian stereotype that has plagued their heritage for years. Finally someone who isn’t aver dramatic, pronounces Italian Food items correctly, and shows a grace and decorum when confronted. (watches 2 minuets of Housewives of NJ) AAAAAAHHHHH, fugget aboudit!

  4. Animal

    Somebody nuke these fuckers, please.

  5. Doctor_Joystick

    They are the yin and yang of hairlines.oatmeal123

  6. why is he threatening to shoot that dude in the tit?

  7. InkyBlack

    Muff Cabbage

  8. PLEASE tell me that’s a real gun that he’s pulling the trigger on!?

  9. cc

    She’s got her eye on the camera man.

  10. I'm a Nurse, not a Saint

    I have always found her tiny forehead creepy.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Two and a Half Men?

  12. I really don’t remember the Mafia using GI Joe weaponry. Tommy guns, yes… AK-47 laser rifles, no.

  13. “Don’t move, or The Situation gets it!”

  14. kimmykimkim

    If only…

  15. First dude, take your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Second, add a flash suppressor and swap out the stock for something from Magpul. Thirdly, I’d recommend some optics but then you’d really be able to see your chick so maybe stick with some flip up iron sights.

  16. WHOA…!!!Don’t shoot that woman. You might get blood in the antipasto…

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