1. ty

    Rihanna, let me see it, let see it, bend over let see it.

  2. She just has no class…look, she’s so drunk her skirt is on sideways.

  3. lily

    Trashy skank

  4. it had to be said

    Is Rihanna a lesbian now? That girl doesn’t look like she could punch for shit.

  5. lbb

    sorry, kind of love it

  6. Oh, come on… this classy, strong, upstanding young woman has “motherhood” written all over her.

    My bad. That’s a parking meter.

  7. Dave

    When I was a kid, I used to put the wrong limbs through shirts and pants, too.

  8. Arzach

    I love when fashion helps to put a place to slip the hands

  9. Matt

    In every picture like this there’s always a dykey looking black girl saying it all with her “yea, I turned another straight girl” grin.

  10. donkeylicks

    Sssshh, the ghost of Whitney Houston is trying to send us a message.

  11. I like the bruise window in the skirt. Is this a new thing?

  12. I love clothes with diddlin’ holes built right in.

  13. Katie

    Dude, Chris Brown punched a hole through her skirt.

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