1. EricLr

    Someone just asked her if she had the shrimp.

  2. ty

    I knew I should have park my car myself and took the keys. valet must be really having fun hooning my brand new car.

  3. pipedreamer

    Apparently STILL waiting to be a star…should’ve worn more comfortable shoes, honey..it’s gonna be a while!

  4. Bob

    She should have known they’d never let her into any place called “Extra Virgin”.

  5. lily

    ewww those shoes!!

  6. cc

    I’m rather more interested in the girl in orange.

  7. tlmck

    I guess nobody believes she is Extra Virgin.

  8. She’s upset that some joker carved a scale replica of her vagina into that tree.

    Ha ha… can’t unsee it now, can ya?

  9. They wouldn’t let her in for obvious reasons

  10. Blech

    I take it she was kicked out…

  11. This chick is such a C-bag that even when she’s smiling and saying something nice I think, “oh look at this C-bag pretending not to be a C-bag.”

  12. I would nail her half Asian ass raw. She’s pretty damn hot.

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