1. EricLr

    Yeah, I’d be ashamed too, kid.

  2. cc

    ‘Aiieeeeeeee, it’s the sun!’

  3. SugarTits

    Voodoo scares me too.

  4. “No! You have to believe me! Your mommy WILL come back for you….someday.”

  5. I had something funny to say, but it’s really meanspiritedly racist.

    seriously, I hate white kids.

  6. “Eet’s OK, child, open your eyes. De bad lady be gone. Mama gotcha now.”

  7. your mom

    “God damn paparazzi. Can’t a kid take a walk in this town? Jesus Christ.”

  8. I knew I saw that side swept hairstyle and tash somewhere before

  9. tlmck

    “Hey Xander. Where’s mommy?”

  10. Green Meanie

    Baby thought bubble: Oh for fuck sake, does EVERYONE know she’s my mother? I have avoided being photographed with her forever…………and apparently no one is buying into the trendy black mother I spent good money on. Why does that shit work for Sandra Bullock but not me? Get my fucking agent on the phone.

  11. Sho enuff

    Glad Rihanna is taking a break from the music…

  12. kimmykimkim

    It’s too early for a remake of “The Help”.

  13. For a moment I thought that was HER kid and I was thinking Damn, that baby’s daddy must be translucent.

  14. That baby still has a better expression on it’s face than Jayden Smith.

  15. Ouddy

    The nanny’s name is Machone and she has her Katana underneath the babycart.

  16. Sheppy

    Please don’t take me back to her, PLEASE!

  17. Crissy

    “If ANY of your babysitters were as ugly, YOU too would be covering your face!”

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