1. Dina Crackwhore


  2. Deacon Jones

    E.T. run home?

  3. jack

    you sure it isn’t tyrone banks?

  4. Tidbit

    Get back in the kitchen and make me some goddamn rice, Uncle Ben!

  5. pipedreamer

    Congrats, Tyra on landing the lead role in the Marla Gibbs Story!

  6. So she only sorta looked at the ark of the covenant? I thought you either did or didn’t. Huh. The things you learn on the internet.

  7. lily


  8. i coulda sworn that was David Cassidy in the thumbnail

  9. your mom

    Wow. Make up might be man’s greatest achievement. Well, until photoshop.

  10. chimpout2012

    Todd Bridges.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    I think it’s pretty cool that Morgan Freeman tries to stay in shape at his age.

  12. Contusion

    Bill Cosby’s looking thinner.

  13. Sho enuff

    Aunt Jamima!

  14. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Darryl Strawberry?

  15. Bigalkie

    Hugh Jass

  16. I’ve seen Tyrannosaurus skeletons with more developed forearms.

  17. Ms. Swan

    Whachu talkin’ bout Willis?

  18. I knew well about Al Jarreau’s golden voice, but nothing had prepared me for the awesome set of hips the old man was rocking.

  19. I thought that was Todd Bridges in drag.

  20. amir

    It’s midnight for this cinderella…

  21. Katie

    I didn’t even know she was sick…

  22. Something tells me Eddie Murphy would be all over that now.

  23. A candid shot from the set of the Oprah life story.
    This is the scene where the tearful, terrified young O runs from her kin who are trying to rape her.
    After the rape, O had to give up running; the weight gain was inevitable.

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