1. Johnny Galecki…

    wasn’t that the kid in that Tom Cruise movie, “Show me the Money”

    Remember that movie?

  2. Roseanne started in the 80s and ended 15 years ago, change SOMETHING!

    • j to the r.o.c.

      what do you suggest? tats? earrings? a full d-bag ensemble (see the leto brothers)?

      • Turns out you can do a lot with hair. But how about just having a noticeable difference after 20 years, aside from aging. He could put on a flannel shirt and ripped jeans and look exactly the same.

        Though I guess 1992 WAS the height of his career, might as well ride the wave.

  3. cc

    Is this the guy from the Big Bang Theory without his glasses?

  4. tlmck

    Still in awe of “The Sheldon”.

  5. Swearin

    Counting his money in his head

    (Seriously, that cast is insanely well-paid)

  6. CJ

    He is a cutie & actually pushing 40….I’m in.

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