1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Matches her ugly little rat face quite nicely.

  2. cuddles

    Yeah, that looks nothing like Madonna in the early 90s. I can’t believe we all got it so wrong.

  3. **Guys in the background pretending not to notice her**

  4. ty

    Perfect, She wants to be mouse.

  5. Tidbit

    Fashion week would be the most likely event to wear a sequined cock and balls sling.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    What I like about this outfit is everyone in the picture has four bars on their cellphone

  7. Ok, ok, ok…stop me if you’ve heard this one…What do you get when you cross Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, and Madonna?

  8. Bit late to be on The Mickey Mouse Club

  9. Little Tongue

    Hey! It’s Gaga Mouse!

  10. Little Tongue

    Are those satellite dishes?

  11. Militia

    Sorry Gaga, but Deadmou5 already has a girlfriend…

  12. Kojak

    No one sees that this woman need treatment?!?! What a shame…
    She is no artistic genius, neither an opportunistic smart ass, she is just mentally ill…

    • popwilleatitself

      In Hollywood we call that eccentric. no one admits that anyone needs help, even after they are dead.

  13. Dave

    I always want to think that she’s actually Madonna from an alternate universe, and somehow crossed over the first time they turned on the LHC.

  14. LordInvader

    Dish subscribers were not pleased it was discover that the AMC budget had been redirect towards research for the newest interactive set-top box with Smell-O-Vision.

  15. Fingergod

    “See that, right there? That’s my goddam shadow! You satisfied yet that I’m not a fucking vampire?!”

  16. chikaty

    if there’s one person who can pick a front butt wedgie in public and not only get away with it but make people think she’s making a statement, it’s lady gaga

  17. Once in a while, a fella has to scratch his balls. There’s no shame in that.

  18. jasper

    “On second thought, I’ll take the seat that the kid just puked on.” -person in line for the Tea Cup Ride

  19. Later

    What the f*ck is this??…. what’s her appeal?.. Straight crazy and should be locked up in a mental institution

  20. Montana

    Funny that the most conservative, toned-down outfit she has ever worn is an homage to Michael F#*&% Jackson.

  21. Katie

    Finally! A visual on the penis we all knew was there.

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