1. Emma Watson's Vagina

    bitch please! you are not Kim Kardashian and that is not a black microphone.

  2. EricLr

    As someone who has a very specific starving-East-European -factory-worker fetish, I approve.

  3. She has the pallid and clammy skin of a vegan.

  4. ty

    see kids, this is what drugs do to you.

  5. careful…if it touches the sides the buzzer goes off and you lose the game.

  6. neen

    Fiona is the best angry woman!

  7. RobN

    If this were Raiders of the Lost Ark, she’d be like 5 seconds from her entire face melting.

  8. your mom

    Isn’t glitter required for performing in Vegas?

  9. cc

    So, it’s not just her music that’s depressing.

  10. UJ

    The moment an irresistible force met a lesbian.

  11. fucktard

    too easy

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present “Photoshop Source Art”

  13. Next....

    Always thought she was Anorexic.

  14. savedatwins

    the thing about crack whores, they can really take it deep.

  15. Sho enuff

    Heroin Chic.

  16. LordInvader

    Thanks a lot for dredging up the guilt of that late-night Ronco Food Dehydrator purchase c. 1992, Photoboy.

  17. Arzach

    Oh come on! This one is too easy!

  18. I’d hate to have her yell at me!
    “Hey, Asshole, fuck me again. Only this time I want to cum 5 times!”

  19. Ruckus


  20. She was Kristen Stewart before Kristen Stewart.

    I want to do some criminal things to her.

  21. Later

    She is getting sued and changing last name

  22. Bigalkie

    What a talent. That girl is gifted.

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