1. (not seen in photo: Hitler making small talk with Jessica)

  2. cc

    Not quite enough blazing sunlight, but it will do for now.

  3. Next....

    Lose the stupid bangs already! They look terrible on you!

  4. Fingergod

    Holy shit! She made a dress out of my mom’s old bed sheets from the 70s! Now I know which Salvation Army Jessica shops at.

  5. skidmark

    it’s like the first non-bridal looking dress she’s worn all year

  6. Swearin

    “Yes, I was the one who saw your Total Recall remake. High five!”

  7. Without seeing her fabulous fanny, I can’t even be sure that’s Jessica Biel. You know, Photoshop and all that…

  8. Can’t really blame Beardy Boy – I’d be preparing to spank that with all of my might too.

  9. Katie

    Clearly Timberlake proposed pre-bangs…

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