1. Frank Burns

    Looks more like they are ready for a barn raising in rural Pennsylvania.

  2. EricLr

    Good to see Hank Williams, Jr. is doing well.

  3. Deacon Jones

    You really have to try to look like this big of a tool(s).

  4. kimmykimkim

    Good. We needed two of these.

  5. jack

    these guys aren’t tools – they’re the whole fucking box

  6. Tidbit

    I can smell the gay gang rape in this photo.

  7. Mary Feeney

    Looks like a remake of Deliverance.

  8. InkyBlack

    Who let these two out unattended?
    Jesus, they can’t even tie their shoes.

    • I'mCool

      The shoes have zippers allowing you to bypass the complicated tying/untying process. (They’re from the Corky “I Dressed Myself” collection.) Unfortunately, these two rocket surgeons can’t work zippers either.

  9. You have no idea how brave these two are. In their culture, cameras have the power to steal souls.

  10. People are rioting in the middle east, and yet we STILL mock their prophet??

  11. cc

    Last time I say to ANYONE ‘Bet you a thousand bucks he’s the douchiest guy alive.’

  12. Eric

    The worst part is that they probably paid a “stylist” to look that way.

  13. Bigalkie

    Amish Gone Wild

  14. At the tryouts for the new “Annoying Guy With Beard” role in the new NFL football ads.

  15. your mom

    This is more disturbing than the Jonas Brothers.

  16. Cock Dr

    If they kissed it would be like Velcro.

  17. Blech

    So I know I said I’m all for the unshaven look but… I wasn’t encouraging a ‘wild pubes’ look…

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Dickbaggery runs in the family?

    And where does one shop to buy Hipster Douche Footware, because these seem to have more than most?

  19. fucktard

    stupid douchenozzle’s.

  20. Jentilly

    Come on guys they worked really hard to look like disheveled homeless people rather than rich actors.

  21. tlmck

    ZZ Top, the early years.

  22. Presenting: The Douche-Beard Twins.

  23. BAHAH

    I don’t care if Jared is looking like a dirty hobo nowadays, I’d still sex him to death

    • mismy

      ahh geez I used to agree with you, but just… are we looking at the same picture? I can practically smell him

  24. Bionic_Crouton

    I’m Larry, This is Daryl This is my other brother Dary-… Wait. Where is Daryl?

  25. Green Meanie

    Really? Like Jared Leto needed to look MORE like a vagina.

  26. It’s been seven years, obviously FEMA forgot about this one.

  27. I see he brought his sister, but I didn’t know they were twins.

  28. Stewie Griffin

    And next time I will tell you how the bear became synonymous with the chubby hairy gay.

  29. Jared is such a pussy he has camel-toe beard.

  30. PZ

    30 seconds to a hoedown.

  31. mbcl

    zz top and zz bottom.

  32. Somewhere a yeti is missing the pubes from both the left and right side of it’s ball-sack.

  33. I’d take a weed whacker to both their faces.

  34. I can picture five consultants giddily giggling their queer eyes out.

  35. AnnaD.

    Are they going thru the Joaquin Phoenix phase?

  36. Herself

    Thank you, than you so much for this photo.

  37. “Well howdy-doo, ladies and gentlemen. In a moment we’re gonna play you some ditties from down home on the worm farm. In case you’re wondering, we are ‘The Crotch Brothers’!”

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